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Metallica – Fade To Black – Guitars Only

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  1. You hear that solo and people still say Kirk Hammett sucks. Imagine if Dave had butchered this song with one his, at that time, incoherent guitar solos!

  2. 9 people are not real fans

  3. the standard E tuning is in 440 hz but i think this album is in a few hz higher like 442 or 445 well it is just an opinion

  4. without cliff metallica isnt metallica LOL

  5. I heard that when Kirk was doing the solo, he was thinking about sad things to get a feel for the song

  6. 1:57 The toneeee The MESAA THE FUCKIN BOOGIEE

  7. this solo has so deep feeling

  8. Life, it seems, will fade away
    Drifting further every day
    Getting lost within myself
    Nothing matters, no one else

    I have lost the will to live
    Simply nothing more to give
    There is nothing more for me
    Need the end to set me free

    Things not what they used to be
    Missing one inside of me
    Deathly lost, this can't be real
    Cannot stand this hell I feel

    Emptiness is filling me
    To the point of agony
    Growing darkness taking dawn
    I was me, but now he's gone

    No one but me can save myself, but it's too late
    Now I can't think, think why I should even try

    Yesterday seems as though it never existed
    Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye

  9. Esto es metallica no hay más que decir hermano

  10. are they playing the same chords after 3:30 ?

  11. could listen to this on repeat for a couple hours. This was the first long i learned to play on guitar <3 <3

  12. ima buy a guitar in the next week or 2. man this song is one that I'm going to have memorized to play within a month after i get it. I'm going to teach my brother too I absolutely love the Guitar!

  13. to this day no one has successfully recreated that acoustic sound

  14. The beginning sounds like two nylon classical guitars panned left and right.

  15. anyone know what amp they used for this album?

  16. Absolutely beautiful 5:02 is forever my favourite outro to a song ever, and the solo is Kirk's best. One of the few songs I'd consider perfect.

  17. I think I have the same guitar Kirk is holding in this photo except mine's blue.

  18. I bet you got this from Guitar Hero Metallica

  19. beautiful , acoustic sounds kinda renaiisance on its own , interesting

  20. Great to hear how they layered the end.

  21. Without the depressing lyrical content, this song sounds very melodic and happy.

  22. never noticed how "happy" the acoustic guitar part sounds on it's own, like something you'd hear at a renaissance fair, but then you hear the dark, brooding lyrics attached to it, quite the contrast.

  23. Do I hear a slight octave effect in the intro solo? :O

  24. Its so much more pretty without drums… 

  25. This track I think is definitely one of Kirks best playing. The soloing has great feel and really accents the mood. Even though I do prefer Mustaine as a player, whether or not they would have been able to write such songs as this is still undetermined. 
    They probably most likely would have been faster and more aggressive. The solos most likely would have had more balls, but might have been more one dimensional. 

  26. 0:00 to ending is just beautiful.

  27. Megadeth has disliked xD i love megadeth though.

  28. yeah the days where you didnt use the wah pedal

  29. So, how does it feel to be such a fucking loser that you have to go on youtube and make shitty comments about people? Your level of douchebaggery trumps my inability to please you with my guitar skills by far, so I'm not concerned about what you think or how many cox you suck to pay your bills and feed your family. You are NOT cool, just in case you were wondering, asshole.

  30. Right before the solo kicked in.

  31. Kirk looks like he has a black eye on the left.

  32. haha..that's pretty funny. Let's see yours. I'm sure it's a lot better. Hell, I bet you're a regular rock start, huh?

  33. And every closed minded judgmental prick has a stupid comment for a youtube video. Congrats, asshole!

  34. i am not sure i this is possible but you should play the acoustic and solos seperatly, couse i was realy curious about kirks tone on this song and cant realy hear it clearly

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