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Acoustic Guitar Presents Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer – Acoustic Guitar

The Pacific Northwest songwriting duo of Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer recorded their latest album, Off-Grid Lo-Fi solely, appropriately, off the grid, using wind and voltaic vitality their rustic log-cabin studio.

All by the use of a go the AG Packages studio, Fer confirmed that she means enterprise as she delivered a percussive assault the instrumental “Put collectively Wreck” in (drop-D tuning), from the band’s latest album. Fer and percussionist/guitarist McGraw moreover carried out the gently rockin’ Magnolia Bushes,” with Fer on banjo and McGraw on acoustic guitar.

Fer performs a 2007 Andrew John Lauher (AJ Guitars), with Englemann spruce excessive and Oregon myrtlewood as quickly as further and sides, outfitted with a Fishman preamp; and a Deering Goodtime five-string banjo.

McGraw performs on a 2006 Taylor 714CE.

For added AG Packages, check out the archive.


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