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Who Made Who: Sorta’ Sounds Like ?

Regarded as one of the most highly successful, innovative and influential rock bands in music history. They’re among the best-selling music artists of audio recording. Numerous sources estimate the group’s record sales as up to three hundred million albums worldwide. They are the second-best-selling band America. All nine studio albums have been in Billboard’s Top 10 album chart, and 6 of them have reached the number 1 spot. They’ve accomplished eight consecutive United Kingdom number-one albums. Rolling Stone Magazine describes them as “the biggest band of the Seventies”, and “unquestionably  one of the most enduring bands in rock history”. Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, the museum’s bio of the band states that they were as influential throughout seventies as the Beatles had been during the 1960s. What famous rock band am I talking about?

Here are some bands that may have been influenced by one of the greatest bands in the world.

Fastway is a British rock band formed by guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke, formerly of Motörhead. In 1983, the band release their debut album entitled, ” Fastway” which landed in the U.K. charts at #43. This phenomenal band was so underrated. Their first album is a masterpiece from the 80s.


Zebra is a hard rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana. The band released their mainstream debut on Atlantic Records was in 1983 with their eponymous album, produced by Jack Douglas and highlighted by the singles “Tell Me What You Want” and “Who’s Behind The Door?” On the strength of both singles the album became one of Atlantic’s fastest-selling debut albums ever and peaked at #29, attaining a level of commercial success the band was unable to repeat on subsequent releases.


Kingdom Come is a German hard rock band. Their debut album entitled “Kingdom Come” is to this date the band’s most internationally popular and biggest selling recording that was released in 1988. And to think that


Wolfmother is an Australian hard rock band from Sydney, New South Wales. Formed in 2000 by vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, bassist and keyboardist Chris Ross, and drummer Myles Heskett, the group currently includes Stockdale, bassist and keyboardist Ian Peres, and touring drummer Alex Carapetis. Wolfmother released their self-titled debut album Wolfmother in Australia in 2005, and internationally in 2006, which has since sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and won industry awards.


The White Stripes were an American rock duo formed in 1997 in Detroit, Michigan. The band was only two members,  Jack White (songwriter, vocals, guitar, piano, and mandolin) and Meg White (drums and vocals). After releasing several singles and three albums within the Detroit music scene, The White Stripes rose to fame in 2002, as part of the garage rock revival scene. Their successful albums White Blood Cells and Elephant drew attention from a large variety of media outlets in the United States and the United Kingdom.

















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